Presa quadrilha de scammers no PR

Uma quadrilha formada por 45 pessoas foi presa no Paraná, na Operação AntiSpam da PF. Entre eles scammers (chamados pela polícia de hackers) e correntistas dos bancos, que cediam suas contas como “laranjas” em troca de comissão no roubo. Estima-se que o bando tenha desviado R$ 3 milhões das contas das vítimas pela Internet em todo o país.

Além de ações de investigação e prisão, devia-se investir em ações educativas e preventivas, para que mais conteúdo como o BALELA.INFO existam na rede e menos incautos caiam nesses golpes.

hello love Icaro
De: katkabebi2008 (
sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2008 1:37:23
Icaro leal (

Hello my love. I AM very happy that you are going to help me and to send me money 700 euro what I have paid documents and the visa and soon my love how you can soon send me money arrived to you? I very much WAIT for our meeting when I can embrace yours hot a body and gently kiss your sweet lips and to enjoy – to make love ETERNALLY and to LIVE HAPPILY, today I learnt as you can send me money and to me spoke that exists WESTERN UNION – fast and reliable remittance as I learnt that you require to do and me spoke you require correctly to specify my name and a surname and the COUNTRY RoSsIjA and I can receive your money

FAVOURITE please inform me as soon you will make this miracle? I Am grateful to the God that it has connected our hearts in this world, you sense of my life and I do not represent a life without you In THIS WORLD,

You could send me money this week?

Here my ADDRESS: my name Ekaterina

Mine surname Turusinova

My settlement SEMENOVKA

My country Russia

My republic Mari-el

My street Mira36

424019 ON these data you can send the postal index, favourite I love, and I adore you!!!!!

I want you my charming and I wish to be mother of ours

Children, we will run and jump up together together with them!!!!!

I wish to go with you for the handle and to kiss and kiss and cover and then at night –

To be occupied enamoured in and sexual – I love you my fine husband!!!!!!!!!!

I wait your actions……..

My charming – you will possibly think that I not the patient –

But understand me I, I cannot live without you, very much I want it, we were together always!!!!!

I love you, and I adore you my charming!!!!

Write more soon – I love you Ekaterina

From Lyuda
terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2008 6:41:06

Icaro leal (
I am astonished at your depth
De: Tayo wale west (
quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008 12:26:52

Icaro leal (

I am astonished at your depth. Very unusual for a man. What a major attraction. I am glad that you chose to write me as much as you did, as it is not wasted on me. I like that you are so open, so honest…so real with who you are. That speaks volumes to me about you. I like the fact that you are straight-forward about the fact that you are looking for a serious relationship. So many men feel like they have to be in the “I’m not looking for anything serious” mode, because they think that’s what women want to hear. I was really blown away that you chose to be open and honest and completely un-apologetic about that. Thanks for taking a chance and just showing who you are. So I should probably tell you a little more.

Your openess in life is clearly an attraction to me. I am very passionate about things that I believe in and things that I know are true. I have a lot of compassion. I enjoy going out to eat, watching movies, cuddling on the couch to watch a movie or a TV show, or to watch games, and taking walks. My motto in life is “You only live once so live it well.” You will impress me with who you are not what you have. The cup is half full, and don’t forget – you get what you give. Marriage is like a partnership and opinions are important, it needs to be 50/50. You must be able to laugh at yourself as well as at me. We can either talk for hours, or just sit together without a sound enjoying each other’s company. I am looking for some one who is independent yet will still ask for a hand when needed I want someone whom is comfortable in something to the effect of Jeans-t-shirt, sweatshirt or flannel as well dress up for the occasion. You must be a casual person with a sense of humor. Must be able to dish it out as well as take it. Having an opinion of your own is also extremely important although you must be able to actually listen to another persons and actually take it in not just in one ear and out the other. Both people have to contribute. It’s important to have great conversations but have great chemistry too.

I want to say that anything can happen if a persons mind is set to it. Your ambitions will come to pass. Good things are meant for you. Love and compatibility, and mutual interests are what make any relationship worthy. I would treat my man with the utmost respect. My man should never walk behind his woman always beside her. I have no problems with public display of affection such as a kisses or holding hands. I have so many things to say but I have to get off the system now. This is almost a page long already. I feel that we have broken the ice and have found some very common grounds between us. I am opening up to you and being honest with you. Hoping you still continue writing, Well…I see I wrote a novel here, but I thought the effort should be worthy of the letter that you sent. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Well have a very nice Nite and be waiting your response.
God bless


Hello my dearest, Icaro!

Thank you for your wonderful letter. Sweetie , i was waiting for your
letter! I didn’t know what you would answer , but now i am on the
seventh heaven of the happiness!Sweetie , i am so glad that you want
to help me, more over , each your word touched my heart, because
finally i found person who wants to be my protector, who wants to love
and who just wants to be happy with me! Icaro, i promise that i will
do all what i can in order to give you all my love and all my care!
Sweetie , i am happy that you understand the necessity of our
communication thorough the e-mails , before our meeting. Of course it
will happen one day!

This is for sure. Your letter made me speechless because of the
happiness! Please Icaro, now is everything in your hands. Please, help
us not to lose our happiness! I think if life gives a chance to be
happy we should use it! I knew that it could be the beginning of
something very strong and i was not wrong! My heart was not wrong! By
the way, i always listen to my heart when i need to make right choice.
My dear, i am so exciting right now , i can’t find correct words to
express all what i am feeling right now. I feel that i started to fall
in love with you too. I was able to write you all necessary details of
how you can help me! I really appreciate people who work at this
company. They are always attentive to me and our correspondence. I
still can’t believe that it is happening with me! It seems to me that
I am dreaming! So I use the service of the translation company called

They help you and me to communicate and translate our letters. Honey,
I pay 5 USD for the translation of my letter to you and the same 5 USD
for the translation of your letter to me. Also if I want to scan my
photo to send it to you I pay 3 USD and I also pay the same 3 USD if I
want to get your photo printed. Honey, they also propose unlimited
correspondence including unlimited number of sent and received photos
and 8 free, 10-minutes each, phone calls, per month! Isn’t it great?
If we applied for this service we could write each other every day!
One month of the unlimited correspondence costs $220 and two-months
unlimited service costs $380. So I guess this is something to think
about.. My dear I was told that you can send your help via Western
Union, Anelik or MonayGram. Also dear you can send your help directly
to the bank account of the manager of the company. So here is my
personal information which you will need to send help for our

My full name – Lyudmila Schigoleva
the city – Pushkina ,str.18
the address – Lugansk
zip code – 91052 ,
my country – Ukraine.

When you send me your help, please send me details:
– your full name;
– the sum of payment;
– Money Transfer Control Number (I was told that it is something you
would get after making the transfer)

Well, my dear, i am keeping hope that we will continue developing our
relations. I hope the result of this connection will be our meeting,
because i know that one meeting is much better then million letters.
Please understand , what i have already made choice, i want to be with

I send you warm kiss!
I am waiting for your letter with great impatience.
With love Lyuda